PRO VITA Association for the Born and Unborn Imprimare

PRO-VITA promotes the values of life, family and parental vocation, mainly the right to life of all human beings from conception and until natural death. In its belief that life is sacred and inviolable, Pro-Vita opposes any events which may prevent, affect or stop the course of life in all of its phases: initial (abortion), adult (crime, suicide, capital penalty), or final (euthanasia and assisted suicide).

The “Pro-Vita” Association for the Born and Unborn (click here for a detailed presentation) is a Christian-Orthodox, non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in 1994 and authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

The Association was created in order to give structure and legal form to an activity, that started immediately after the Anti-Communist Revolution in 1989. Its purpose – to save from material disappearance and help in the emotional and moral recovery of children relegated to the periphery of society and denied by the same.

The Association’s activity is developed in the rural area, with 2 establishments located in Valea Plopului Village and Valea Screzii Village. Both villages belong to the Poseşti Commune, Prahova County (not far from the capital city of Bucharest) and are located in a hill area with such natural conditions favourable to the physical and emotional recovery of the ones we assist. The area is considered poor but, for the moment, remains protected against city suburbia dangers (juvenile delinquency, street violence, drugs and prostitution).

The Association heavily relies on the permanent voluntary work of approximately 50 persons (from Ploieşti and Bucharest), covering all civil society areas – such as engineers, architects, doctors, teachers, medical assistants, social assistants, artists, clerks, students, priests from other parishes, and a great deal of people from the local community.

The above mentioned volunteers help to attract funding from donations, connect with other Romanian and worldwide humanitarian associations, design development projects and raise awareness about the accomplishments and needs of the Association.

Our volunteers’ activity (difficult [QM1] to affix a price to), is motivated by the great volume of necessary work, the lack of funds for specialized personnel, and the enthusiasm and commitment which has helped create this unique model for solving the problems of socially disadvantaged children in Romania. With respect to volunteer work we may indeed refer to a genuine “PRO-VITA phenomenon”, where the practice of generosity and tolerance is contaminating.

The total number of people under assistance at this moment is of more than 400 persons, from the following categories:

  • Children born due to the mother’s renouncing abortion and left in the care of the Association, under full confidentiality, for a shorter or longer period of time;
  • Children from families with major social problems, brought in by their mothers for a temporary period of time;
  • Children with deficiencies who were abandoned in hospitals, in course of recovery through their placement in a family environment;
  • Street children, recovered and in course of re-integration;
  • Youngsters sent away from orphanages after reaching the age of 18, re-socialized and involved in lucrative activities;
  • Pregnant women or mothers banished by their families and protected until the solving of their personal situation;
  • Children resulted from rape.

"Valea Plopului" - A short film about the "Provita Phenomenon" (2007) by Florin St. Mihai (english subtitles)

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